Exhibition·Event Guide
Main Venue (Public Stadium)
Purpose A space for re-evaluating the inherent value and ability of the insects and connecting the insect industry's potential for future life with life of mankind
Overview Theme | Smart future with insects
Facility type | T.F.S. tent
Space | 2,400㎡
Exhibition space | 1,871㎡
Exhibition section | 1 intro section, 4 zones, 2 bridges, 1 outro section
Tour time | 60 min/tour
  • Contents
    Offer exhibitions in diverse display methods so that the changes in perspectives on insects through their past, present and future and in the insect industry can be seen at a glance.

    Maximize the interactive experiences about the insect ecology, culture and future vision on the industry for the visitors through various display techniques such as holograms and image graphic panels.

Exhibition Story

Space Map

  • 1
  • Intro. Invitation from Super Insects
· To the unknown world of insects
· Spawning pond for huge insect eggs
  • 2
  • Bridge1. Insects are Superpowers
    beyond Imagination!
· Primitive insects, the living fossils
· Vanishing insects, Earth in crisis
  • 3
  • Zone 1. Hidden Talents of Insects
· Aquatic insects in fierce competition for survival
· Forest insects building the environment
· City insects evolving the smart way
· Insects, the pioneer of civilization
  • 4
  • Zone 2. Insects' Ability to Help People
· Insects running the Earth
· Insects for symbiotic growth with humans
  • 5
  • Bridge 2. Bugs? No! Beauty of Insects
· Insect Design School
· Insect Orchestra
  • 6
  • Zone 3. Alternative Future Food Ideas
    – The Giving Insects
· Value of one spoon that changes the Earth
· Edible insects industry for the future
· Eco-friendly insect agriculture for the environment
  • 7
  • Zone 4. Super Insects for Smart Future
· Bug's Biotechnology Lab
· Bug's Biomimetics Lab
  • 8
  • Outro. Bugstopia Yecheon
· Build Bugstopia Yecheon together with Coni and Pedi
· Message for the future from insect friends